Gauge Regulators


Many older cars that were originally designed for 6 volt systems have been changed to 12 volt systems. Although many of the electrical components in your car can be easily changed to 12 volts, instrument gauges cannot be easily modified. Early street rodders and customizers used resistors to reduce the voltage to the gauges. While resistors can protect the gauge from overvoltage, they limit the accuracy. A gauge regulator provides a constant voltage to the gauge regardless of the engine speed or sending unit load. The GR-1 gauge regulator is designed to mount directly on the terminal on the back of the gauge. They are easier to install than resistors, and are priced competitively. Their reliability has been proved on thousands of vehicles and like all of our products is backed with a one year warranty – beware of imitations!


The GR-1 Gauge Voltage Regulator is designed to provide the proper voltage source to Fuel, Temperature, and other similar gauges that were designed for 6 volt systems, but are now to operating in 12 volt negative ground systems. It is not intended for Amp meters or Tachometers. The GR-1 features include small size, ease of installation, high reliability, and tight regulation which will give your gauges a degree of accuracy which is superior to the original unregulated system. Each GR-1 will operate one gauge. If your car has several gauges, you will need one for each. Amp meters work on current, and are not voltage dependent. They will function correctly on 6 or 12 volt, but if your car was originally positive ground, you will have to reverse the terminals on your amp meter to make it read correctly on negative ground.

The Antique Automobile radio GR-1 Gauge Voltage Regulator is now available exclusively from the following dealer. Please contact them for more information.

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415 Court Street
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